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Dress Code and entry

  • What is the dress code and can people wear trainers and jeans?
    • The dress code is smart dress, absolutely NO: ripped denim, T-shirts, football shirts, trainers or baseball caps
    • Footwear must be worn throughout the evening, if you fancy a dance without your heels then bring some flats.
  • Dress code responsibility
    • It is the responsibility of the organiser of each party to make sure that this dress code is communicated to ALL members of their party. Anyone who does not adhere to the dress code will be turned away on the evening.
    • Entry is at the complete discretion of the venue and its authorised agents. Licensed door supervisors will monitor entry and will refuse entry if your attire does not match the criteria specified.
    • Absolutely no refunds will be given to any individuals or party who are refused entry at the door.

Menu's & dietary requirements

Table plans

  • How will we know where we are sitting?
    • The menu forms you return will become your table plan so whoever is on the form will be on the same table. When you arrive you will be greeted by a member of the sales team who will advise you of your table number within the room.
  • We have 13+ people in our party; can we not just squeeze one more around the table?
    • We have 5ft tables that can seat a maximum of 10 people and we cannot physically fit more chairs around the table. We have a limited supply of 6ft tables available on a first come first served basis which can seat a maximum of 12 people, however once again we cannot accommodate any more chairs than this around the table.
  • We don't want to share a table, can you guarantee this?
    • If you would prefer not to share a table by all means please request this upon booking but please be aware that this is not something that we can guarantee as we are selling seats not tables.


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